Donald Trump

Donald Trump has caused uproar this week with his views which has gone global. Before his recent comments I didnt know much of the guy apart from he is stinking rich! Now the world knows of this man. The media says he has gone to far and that he has failed now and the world against him but has he?

He has become such a public figure, he is so in the limelight and he is all the world is talking about – I dont even know who is challenging him to be president of USA he has shadowed them out so much. Maybe in USA they do but they are not focusing on these people current – it is the Donald Trump show!!

The man is a wise business man. He knows what he is doing and he is in control of everything he says and does!

He is calculated and smart and a control freak. You dont get to be a billionaire from being stupid. He knows what he does and he knows how to work peoples mind in his favour.

What he said might not of gone down well with alot of people. But alot support him. Those who dislike him are the ones he has a problem with and thats fair enough for them to dislike him. But in life we cannot please everyone. His job application is to be the president of USA which means he must protect the American people. But he must also remember America is – the land of oppurtunity. America is a historical mass of immigrants who seek – oppurtunity no matter of their background and problems. He cannot single out anyone. If he is to ban one perhaps he should ban all and close the watertight doors. He should check all and single no one out. What matters most in this world is people. People who all have one dream regardless of religion and culture which is – love and a family and happiness. We must never alienate anyone but welcome them with peace. A ban on muslims will upset millions of the innocent peaceful people who will seek protection in a group. Pushing them away will push them into hands of evil. Trump is creating a division in islam. But if it failed he might create a true islamic bond between all muslims under one cause. Against those who discriminate them. If he is to exclude a race or religion he must be careful. But before us is a man who speaks his mind and we should respect that.

Afterall is he not allowed free speech and his own opinions? Is this not a world for the free to express their views?

We must not ban contraversial speakers but challenge them. This afterall is what democracy is.

Whether or not you like Donald Trump the man is a genius and a success in business. To be a success in business and politics you have to hold no mercy and to be ruthless at times. But you also must manage people well. If we are hearing the words ‘president Trump’ in a few years then worlds phase of instability may just continue further. The world is at its worse and we lack a figure of peace.

But whatever we say of Trump. He has gone worldwide, he has hidden other election candidates in the shadows. He has marketed himself and there is many who will agree with what he says. As time passes by people may join his views as the world becomes more dangerous. Lets just hope the world becomes steady again and of peace. We need less militants or Donald Trumps and more people of peace. Where is the Ghandis and Mother Theresa and Dianas of this world? Where are they hiding? We need you! Long come the day where the world is free again!!


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