The spirit world

Everybody knows somebody – who has a ghost story. Usually trusted sources also such as friends and uncles who had never believed in ghosts previously. Religious texts teach us of life after death since the dawn of man began so does a spirit world really exist or is it mans desperate hope of meeting loved ones again?

Many skeptics will say there is no heaven and hell and God and we are here due to science but why are we here? Why are we aware and can ponder why we are here? In my life I believe I have encountered ‘the spirit world’ on quite a few occassions. Mainly through whispers, movements, shadows and dreams. So I am a believer in a parallel dimension which exists on Earth along side this one. There has to be something to this life a reason and an answer to this existance.  Why would all our trusted sources be wrong? People we know are not liars! I once had a dream of my grandad. He was a shadow and he was walking off into a bright light. Thats when I was awoken by the phone going. My nana had rang panicing as my grandad had just died – at the exact time of my dream.

I also once awoke at 5am and was completely paralyzed. I could only move my eyes. A shadow passed along the wall and suddenly a man appeared of a generally evil presence. He wore a brown suit that was from the 1950s era at a guess. He had a pocket watch. He stared at me. All I could feel was a faint pulse round my body. He held his hands out at me and pinned me down further. There was a bright light shining through the window which then vanished. He then looked round the room and then vanished and I sat bolt upright free. Upon researching this I discovered it is known as sleep paralysis and people who suffer this encounter visions mainly of evil presences but why? Who are they?

Many people have stories. Many people have sightings. What is the reason for the dead returning? Do they really exist somewhere in a world we have yet to discover? My belief is yes they do exist.
Prince Charles once claims to of seen the ghost of Henry the 8th when he once stayed in the private quarters of Hampton Court, many a person in 10 downing street claim the smoke occassionally hangs in the air of can he smelt in rooms of the cigars Winston Churchill smoked, in fact Winston Churchill once claims to of seen the ghost of Abraham Lincoln during a stay in the white house. How many of your friends and relatives have seen a ghost? How many strange things do we choose to ‘ignore’ and put down to ‘must be some explanation’? The world perhaps is not as basic as our eyes tell us. To us with no answers in this day and age – we live and we die. We know no more than that. But that still leaves us with many mysteries. Perhaps our brain runs on a frequency like a radio and we all live on this frequency. Perhaps sometimes there is interference and we pick up on other channels and worlds. It would be a bit like this world is ‘channel one’ and the spirit world is ‘channel 2’ . If we re- tuned or interference took place we could mix channels.

When my other nana had dimentia – she began to see people. But these visions were of nobody she ever knew in her life and nobody alive at the time. They were either strangers to her or dead people she knew such as her mother. The strangers were also very consistant and continual. It was a man a woman a small boy and a dog in her house. The details were always the same. She never got confused of these details of this ‘family’ or made up random things it was all very logical and realistic and the same. There was nothing absurd or silly visions. Also the first image she saw was of a woman. She walked in dressed in black and wore a black veil. Whats strange about this story is not only is it a symbol of death but also my friends grandmother also used to see the same and tell the same of a woman in black with a black veil. Perhaps it was the same woman? Who knows.

Perhaps when you suffer mental blockages your brain enters an emergency state and blood enters a different part of the brain unused and creates a ‘psychic’ ability. I mean psychics claim to use different part of the brain.

Perhaps also in the elderly at times the brain adapts and begins preperations for a ‘detachment’ into the spirit world and therefore they encounter visions of the dead of which live in this world.

So perhaps afterall death is not the answer and not the end…and we live on….somewhere