Pray for Paris

Once old enemy, but now you are new friend, and all our support to our french brothers and sisters shall we now send

We shall stand together, a band of brothers forever, I shall pray for your strength Paris, we are side by side whenever

For now you have a weeping heart, and your tears run fast,
but together we will ressurect you strong, like the France of the past

Paris, the land of beautiful art, culture and romance,  the land of glorious Napoleon Bonaparte

Paris we shall pray for you, we shall fight for you, and our ancient ancestral connections we shall renew

Do our trees and seasons not drift the same almost as if we are one? Do we not all wish for peace and freedom for everyone?

Oh beautiful cathedral of Notre Dame,  amazement is within you, history is around you, and within your area is all beauty and calm

Oh how the river Seine flows, how the magic of Paris surrounding it simply glows, a beautiful ancient city that the world knows

Oh beauty everywhere, and the spring you cannot miss, Oh a beautiful city like this,

Oh the magic of ancient Paris

The attacks on Paris

I am very upset about the attacks on Paris and the threats to others. Governments need to act now and stop more deaths to innocent people.

David Cameron warns of high risk of terrorism to the united kingdom but he seems to be sitting and waiting….

Why doesnt he act now? Vet the people entering…clamp down on numbers….only help people with just cause….we cannot allow anyone enter the United Kingdom…this is war with terror…

Our grandfathers battled and won for us to live free and safe and walk down street without fear

They didnt battle for anyone come here and threaten us. For us to be jobless and in fear and worried and unsettled. They didnt fight for us to the British to be shoved aside and not listened to and put under threat. What unstable world will our children enter?

We need peace…and we need it…now