Unsung hero

forward forward he rode on, forward forward through the somme,

the sound of the hooves as he rode on by, the sight of men where they had lay to die,

the sound of gunfire all around, the sight of blood mixing with dirty cold wet mud on the ground,

but forward forward he rode on,
charging into the field of lies,
men who deserved more respect, the sight of men with fear in their eyes,

A war not of their own, men who charged on order, with their future seriously unknown,
in this terrible warzone,
they didnt know if they would again see home,
not wanting to die here or die alone,

But forwards forwards through the somme,
onwards charged an unsung hero of world war one,
forwards forwards into the somme – charged my great grandfather John

My tribute to Nana

My nan. The most wonderful kind woman who we were all blessed to know.                        
Although today is a sad day, I am proud. I am proud  because my nan achieved everything she could achieve and did everything she could do.

She lived till 98 years old and in those years she found true love, had 9 children, 14 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren what more could such a wonderful woman achieve? She achieved it all.

She has watched us all grow up. She seen us all become the people we are and contributed alot to the people we have become. She completed her mission in getting us all through life safe.

Everyone who met my nana instantly loved her. She was surrounded by alot of love by so many different people.

Whether a blood relative or married into the  family she had such love and kindness for us all.
Nan, I will always miss coming  to visit you. I will always remember how you made me smile and laugh with your brilliant sense of humour.

We have had some great times. I will always remember your sayings such as wet lettuce or silly goose let loose and your  wise words such as it will either rain or go dark before morning!

So I could never be prouder and blessed to have such a great wonderful woman as my nan. She wasnt just a nana she was also a great friend.

She has always looked after us and cared for us all and I believe this will carry on somehow.

Nan, I  couldnt of asked for anything more from you. You were the best you could be.  I can only say how proud I am to have you as my nana but sadly for now nan its goodbye  it seems. So all thats left to say is goodbye nan, love you  and sweet dreams x