The Satin sky…

The sky resembles satin
The sun is paradise
The wind whispers

Here is paradise for me
In nature with you

The wind in the hair
The sun in your eyes
Paradise for me

I adore the world of God
I feel peace
I feel the wind and the whisper of God
I feel your soul
I feel God

I travel through the mountains and over the lakes below the skies of satin

I look for love, I look for myself, my soul reflects on the water

The sea is calm and the wind is beautiful
The birds sing with my soul
I am in paradise in nature

Paradise is within you
I live within the heart of nature
Below the skies
Below the skies of beautiful sunlight

I find wisdom in nature
beauty in nature
And love in the heart of you

Thank you God for my life, for the greatness of love and nature
Thank you God for everything in my life

Le ciel satinè

Le ciel ressemble au satin
Le soleil est le paradis
Le vent murmures

Ici est paradis pour moi
En la nature avec toi

Le vent dans le cheveux
Le soleil en tes yeuxs
Paradis pour moi

J’adore la monde de la dieu
Je sens la paix
Je sens le vent et le murmure de dieu
Je sens ton ame
Je sens le dieu

En moi est paix parce que la natur
Mon ame est en paix aussi

Je voyager à travers les montagnes et sur les lacs sous le ciel de satin

Je cherche pour amour, je me cherche, mon ame rèflèchit sur l’eau

Le mer est calme et le vent est belle
Les oiseux chanson avec mon ame
Je suis en paradis en la natur

Paradise est en toi
Je vive en la coeur de la natur
Sous le ciel
Sous le ciel de belle soleil

Je trouve segesse en la natur
Et belle en la nature
Et amour en la coeur de toi

Merci pour ton ame
Merci pour la vie
Merci le dieu pour toute en ma vie

At the Waterfall…

Take a stroll down by the rivers breeze
Where hearts come which have been blinded but the soul still sees

The beautiful waters will help the way we all feel, The beautiful waters will also help hearts heal

To those whos soul shall seek for help and guidance does natures waters speak

At the waters edge, down by the waterfall is paradise and peace where pain and hurt can now cease

How I like the waterwall
With just the beauty of friendship exist where souls unite and peace is there thats all

How I love the waterfall
Its calm and cool and natures paradise
Where the water flows and heals my soul
Upon this day in nature I can once again feel nice

The beauty of the water as it slowly flows
Taking all pain as it goes
And feeling the spirit as it grows

Down within the water we go from length to length, as we re-charge our souls at the waters, as we spiritually swim and grow strength to strength

A river flows within our soul,
Flowing us down river beautifully
Destiny out of our control
As we head into a beautiful future
Returning from pain and back to feeling whole

How I love the waterfall a place of kindred spirits and healing thats all

In Summer Air…

The weather outside is warm, and summer is appearing everywhere, as I embrace the re-birth of summer and the feel of the summer air

I love the feel of the summer breeze, the many different colours of the plants and trees, how I wish I was abroad in the wonder of the lovely beautiful seas

The warmth of the air and the sounds of nature tells me Summer has almost begun, and how I am happy to feel warmth again and welcome back the sun

The days are becoming long and bright, and dreams of holidays bring such delight, watching the Summer sunset is such a wonderful sight, as we bask in the warmth orange glow of the last of the sunlight

May the summer soon begin, may we soon bask in warmth and happiness, and feel the sun kissing us upon our skin

There is one thing I know, people in the summer are happy and life is a glow, and people are spending time outdoors with many places to go

I miss them summer days when it seemed like life would go on forever, of Summers long ago, When in the summer sun me and my brother would play all day together

It is within the great summer breeze, and the sounds of waves crashing against the beach and the lovely feel of overseas, where memories echo through the eternities

How I welcome the beautiful summer sun, the joys of the warm summer air, May people enjoy it everywhere….

Covid19: Isolation day 4

First thing this morning I went to the chemist. There was not a car on the roads and not a person in sight which is unusual for that time of morning. The country is simply shutting down.

I have been working from home. The people are much nicer and more understanding than usual. They know of everyones plight from this virus and humanity has risen to the surface and the kindess within people now shows strong. Care for each other is winning.

Prince Charles has been diagnosed with corona virus. It makes me wonder where he got it from and who else within the Royal family has he passed it onto? A have also read of a 21 year old girl who has died of the Corona Virus and she had no underlying health conditions. This shows we are all in danger. It could happen to any one of us.

Yet again the sun shines and people are cutting their grass. The day so far is peaceful and much happier. I am enjoying being at home all day a little more. I feel relaxed and refreshed and restored from great rest.

The evening has come and the feel of the summer air is everywhere and the excitement of summer to come.

I have looked out of the window and the roads are eerily quiet and there is nobody walking about but that is a good thing during a virus outbreak. This is a situation no one alive today has witnessed.

Where there is plight there is the love of life re-born, there is genuine assets within people and there is compassion. Is it true that suffering and hardship and being vulnerable is the making of a man? Does such a plight give birth to true humanity once again?

Only a threat on a persons life and the reminder of their own vulnerability can make them wake up and see the truth of greatness in everything and everyone and the beauty of humanity.

Today has been a peaceful day for me, may peace return to all people and may our way of life resume soon but much more peaceful and respectful of each other overall….life hangs by a thread long before we was conceived…may we see life is a miracle

Covid19: Isolation day 3

It is isolation day 3. Last night was a total lockdown of the country and we are no longer free to do as we please anymore.

Although I have worked all day from home. I have felt lonely. It has felt strange and surreal and hard knowing you are confined to the house for the foreseeable.

When will I be with my work colleagues again? This could be months of isolation spells and people absent from work. I am beginning today to feel a bit like a prisoner restricted to the four walls of home.

I picked up a shop yesterday and I was told by the woman to keep 2 metres away from her when she brought the shop out. I know this is the rules for everyone but its the only time in my life I have felt dirty or unclean.

It is the beginning of spring and summer echantments are beginning. The sun shines with warmth. The birds sing happy. The flowers are growing and showing again. It is nice but hard knowing Summer this year might be a strange one. That nobody may get a summer holiday. That summer may be in the garden at home if I am lucky.

I sort of began my own little business as a hobby a year or so ago. I have enjoyed it but now I have had to put it on hold because I cant go out and cant risk posting anything incase of contamination. The corona virus is restricting much more than people but of dreams as well.

A further 87 died today. The highest number so far. Sadly people are still not seeing the dangers. Despite lockdown last night the underground was busy and work places are busy. The virus is not being restricted so far. It has plenty of people to feed upon so far.

It is almost as if people dont care for others. As if selfishness and greed is a dominant force within them. Its as if they see the bright beautiful stars in the sky but choose to paint over them so that there is only darkness.

Today has been a sombre lonely one. Where life is grinding to a halt. Stillness is coming, nature seems calm outside but is it the calm before the storm? Nobody knows what will happen next in this crisis not seen in 100 years.

It is the darkness mankind is shrouded in currently which will make them appreciate the light. The light that perhaps exists and will be seen within each other.

Perhaps the days of hatred of each other will now end and petty dislikes and appreciation and love will take over. That mankind will open its eyes to the beauty surrounding it and see gratitude to be alive and the see miracle in the life that others possess.

If being restricted to home has taught me one thing it is patience. Sometimes me and many others are so busy and on the move that life passes by quick and we dont get to appreciate it. But this has brought me calm and acknowledgement and that I must have patience to get through this current test.

For now I like many others are suffering at home but suffering is good for the soul and perhaps a great lesson. I will appreciate nature more and the outside world and the joy of just being near people. May that day come soon….

Covid19: My Isolation day 2

It is my second day of isolation. It is the first official day of Spring and the day is a beautiful one. It is the first time I have felt the warmth of the sun and a warm day since before the Winter.

Today more people have died. 48 died and the number is growing larger. I read that in Italy upto 700 a day are dying of Corona virus. Why does nobody seem to be taking it seriously in the UK?

I have noticed that people are still out and about and not isolating. No one is taking it seriously. People are dancing in the arms of danger….

People dance with danger and playing roulette with the unknown…

When will life return to normal? Will life return to normal? Many questions are to be asked of the current situation.

I went for another drive to get away from the boredom of the indoors. I get the impression soon there will not be a luxury to leave the house at all.

Upon driving to the local beach the beach carpark was full. The beach was full of people. This is not isolation but ignorance. This virus is being fed by the ignorance of many.

The news showed pictures of mass gatherings in the forests of many walkers and in the mountains. More than usual. I worry for the UK and what will happen in a few weeks time to the numbers of the dead due to ignorance. There will be no comeback to save people when it is too late.

Mankind is often an enemy to itself. Why does such a species which is supposed to be smart continue to put itself in harms way and do what can harm themselves and others? People should stay indoors as much as possible. No one is exempt from this virus.

I wonder if this virus will ever go away or will it always kill a percentage of people even if it is a small percentage. Will it flare up in months and years again at times? May God show up and free us from this oncoming curse of our lives.

It is the first time in my lifetime the world is together against the same mass threat. The first time we are one and all face the same danger together. May we remember how vulnerable we are and how viruses and illnesses have no loyalty or border or country. How we are all equal in the eyes of death and danger.

I didnt get to see my mother on mothers day but she understands. I dont want to risk giving her a virus. I would give up a day of not seeing my mother to make sure I have many more days with her. She is my wonderful mother all year round.

Today the world is at a global crisis. People everywhere face a deadly dark threat but nature is nice and peaceful and normal. The birds sing in the trees, the sun shines warm and the wind blows gentle. Perhaps if mankind doesnt change its way then beautiful nature will carry on without us….