Make the streets safe…

Make the streets safe for women….

How has it been allowed to go on so long for women to not be safe on the streets? It has to end. Women have a right to feel safe on the streets and not in danger. This has to stop.

As a man, I never knew what went through womens minds on the streets around men etc but this is a household thing. Every woman has experienced danger or sexual harrassment and fear. This is not right!

A man does not have the right to stalk and attack a woman and to scare her. What kind of a person is he? These weeds need to be poisoned from societies garden.

We can no longer let the daughters of humanity down, the future mothers must be free of fear

Women globally have been treated worse than anyone else. More than any other religion or race of people throughout history.

When alone or at night on the streets women are taking measures to stay safe and it should not be like that. It should not take the murder of a girl to highlight this or change this. That girl and countless other women murdered daily should of been protected and safe from danger and not been killed simply because – they are a woman.

Every man must join this fight. It is not just a fight for women to make. It is a fight for our mothers, our daughters and wives. Our sisters and our cousins. For those we love more than anything. Men must come forward and help defend them and set the fear of women free.

Tonight at Clapham common seeing the police man handle women and push them hard and throw them to the floor makes my blood boil. It makes me want to protect them from brutality.

If men want to make a change and help we must protest with them and protect them from brutal force of other men whether police or not.

This vigil it is not just for Sarah, it is for millions of female victims. For Milly, for Sarah, for Holly and Jessica and the many others who havent made the media yet their story still deserves to be heard.

In the modern day people bend the knee for forgiveness from the black community etc but it is women who deserve this so much more. Men should seek forgiveness for how women have been treated since the dawn of time.

It is time to end this madness and help women feel safe on the streets…..

The Meghan interview….

A feud has broken out amongst the royals and Meghan and Harry….

The interview with Meghan and Harry with Oprah Winfrey has become such a talking point about her life in the palace and accusations have been made which has caused contraversy.

Meghan Markle claims during her time in the palace there was deep concern into what colour baby Archies skin would be when it is born. Comments and conversations amongst the royals took place of which is the talk of the world.

Exactly which member held these concerns we do not know but if it is true and the conversation took place this is one of sadness for both Archies mum and dad.

Nobody would surely want their child to be spoken of in such a way afterall because that is their beautiful child and it deserves to be loved and treated equal regardless of its skin colour.

Harry has stated it was not his grandmother or grandad so that leaves William, Kate and Charles as the main three you would suspect.

I cannot for the life of me believe it would be William or Kate so this leaves Charles as the only suspect….it will be interesting to see what he has to say about it. Thats if the comment was ever made at all although the way of life makes me believe it most probably was said within the halls of the palace….

It will be interesting to hear a statement from the Royal family regarding this as there is two sides to every story and we should not just believe one without hearing the other story also.

There is no doubt for an everyday person entering the royal life this will be hard mentally and you will be sucked into a world of hardship and protection of which you should expect. This is beyond a celebrity life you now belong to an institution which is so much more where you have to give up your life before and just work for queen and country and no longer possess the freedom you once had.

But why did Meghan not know this? Surely anyone who knows history and the life you cannot just carry on as normal.

Meghan claims she didnt know anything about Harry or who he was when she met him. But this is one of the most documented people in the world so I do believe she knew more than she claims.

It is understable that her mental health suffered because this is a place of isolation and despair and trapped away from the world. Where freedom as it was doesnt exist.

She says she wasnt offered help for her mental problems and if that is true it is unfair as everyone deserves help. We all know when we are isolated and not able to do the things we enjoy we will slowly enter darkness.

The royals want to seem strong to the world and not have someone inside seeming weak or unhappy because it will shatter the illusion of royal life.

Meghan stated they married three days before the televised wedding so what exactly did the British taxpayer pay for and why was it needed? People was led to believe that was their wedding day and people held parties and events on this day. But this appears to of been a fabricated event just for the public. How many other Royal events are lies?

Overall Meghan presented herself very well and gave a good account of her story. Her life in the royals was hard and it would be for anyone.

We now need to hear the Royal family story of accounts and see what they have to say.

The interview was quite a mixed bag of kindness and happiness and severe sadness. No one likes to hear how someone suffered and wanted to die.

Meghan gave a good account of royal life especially the queen and her kindness towards her. I still think that kindness continues behind the scenes away from the public eye.

The media has alot to answer from on their persuit of division and how they cause tension. They have publically destroyed Meghan Markle without spreading the true facts.

They have seeked again to cause racial tension and division. They have a persuit of hatred and destruction and dont care of the consequences.

So it leaves us with the question of are the Royals at fault for not protecting her more. Is it true they discriminated against her and her unborn baby or is she just a better actor than we all thought?

But overall it is a sad day for the people involved as this is a family involved. May they find peace together…

Valentines day…

Love is a great thing
When two people come together
Angels sing

It is the meeting of the divine
God has your chosen one
When two hearts align

It is where the ancients went
And wandered with what was heaven sent
Within the person that for them was meant

Love is paradise
Love is oh so nice
True love never comes twice

Dancing in the arms of love under the starlit sky
In the arms of someone until you die
And never lie
And always stand by

Love heals the heart
Love brings a fresh start

Love is eternal
Love is forever
Love is happiness when love is complete with two people together

Love brings a smile
And happiness worthwhile

Winter I love you….

Winter I love you
The frost on the ground
The cold all around

Winter I love you
The cold light of the sun is dawning
Lighting the beautiful frosty morning

Winter I love you
You are both friend and foe
The dreams of the snow
And the beautiful white glow

Winter I love you
You teach me so well
I am under your spell
And the cold air do I smell

The purity of a clear moonlit night
An enchanting sight
As I bask in the kiss of the cold night

Winter I love you
With your snow covered country lanes
And the white as far as I can see across the fields and plains

Winter I love you
With your beautiful frost
Sent upon the land at any cost

Winter I love you
The stillness of trees
The quietness of nature
And the water is in a deep freeze

Winter I love you
The grass is hard
The water does not flow
And the cold air cruelly does it blow

Winter I love you
The magic hangs in the air
Cold morning gazes
The snow falling everywhere

Winter I love you
I awake and the house is cold
And the perils of winter days of old
Is so beautifully told

Winter I love you
Winter you make every morning fresh and new….
Winter the goddess
I love you

The beauty of Autumn

Within the fall of Autumn
Comes a candlelight glow,

And a cool breeze begins to blow,
The sounds of leaves stood upon on the ground below,

The magnificence of colours begin to show
The silence of the trees,
Only the calling of a lonesome crow,

Scarfs and hats are worn wherever the people go, The magic begins to gather in the air, the scary faces of the pumpkin within every window

The morning mist which hangs in the air, and the spirits of night from within the shadows,

the hanging of the moon so peaceful and a calming sight

The long twinkle of starlit skies, The fall early of night, rooms lit up by firelight

How the atmosphere and the beauty of Autumn grows…

Protected by Magic…

England is a land protected by magic both now and in history,

At the dawn of terror raised by the word Nazi

Casting protection, setting the magic free, so mote it be

In England they danced around the fire, in the magic circle, a gathering of many,

And the words they chanted..

Dont come across the sea, dont come across the sea…’

From within the book of shadows,
the magic arose, and how beautiful the magic in the Pentacle glows

Earth, air, fire, Water, powerful elements of the witches, and the spirit of nature within natures son and daughter

Under a full moons light
The chants of witches, blown into the night

Witches danced against the threat of combat, magic raised to cause enemies to fall flat, worshipped and gazing on is the black Cat

As long as the Ravens in the tower stay, held by magic keeping invasion at bay, England shall never be led astray

Magic blows across the meadows of England until this day, and the spells remain of Morgan le Fay

And the magic grows upon the gentle breeze of a Pendle wind, on Witching hour, when the viel to the spirit world is most thinned

The secret of the ancients tells, The whisper on the wind, ancient wisdom on every page within the book of spells

Oh the beauty of sorcery,  under the moon of 1940, casting magic to keep England free,

The power and chant of many, chanting with positive energy

‘Dont come across the sea, dont come across the sea..’

A little Paradise…

The most beautiful little hands, the most amazing eyes, the greatest smell. The sound of the laughter, the inquizitive chatting and the innocence. These are magical times. Times I remember when I was oh so small as well, a time of a yesteryear.

The cute clothes and a small cosey bed and a bedroom. The gorgeous eyes see a new world.

The love and affection pouring to and from the heart of innocence is immense. May the world love you like we do.

Days which pass the magic gets stronger but the time shorter yet more precious. Where do all the years go?

I have spent many years at the paradise of your love and in the gasping beauty of your eyes and of your innocent kisses upon my head. These are beautiful precious moments I can never get back and wont stand the test of time. They are the moments of which will exist beautifully only within my memory.

The innocence and greatness of purity shall carry with me for my eternity amongst the stars. I am enriched to experience precious time with you, precious days that I want to last forever, I am blessed with the return into a kingdom which I once lived and you opened the gates for me to be back amongst the great beginning of life. Here exists total freedom and total creation and happiness. A world of which I have missed. One where I once belonged so happily.

If only I could tell you of the cruel cold desert outside this kingdom where you currently live. It would make you enjoy every moment of where you are now in this beautiful better reality.

In this kingdom memories are made that echoes through the ages, where love is so strong it is unbreakable, where the stars are clear and where peace amongst others reigns.

The day will come where you must leave the kingdom and never truly return but the memories of these days and the people who existed within it shall stay with you for all eternity.

May you have a long time in the kingdom, may you have a long and amazing life oh little cute beautiful soul of paradise…

Vera Lynn – Our Sweetheart…

The tragic news has come that Vera Lynn has died. May she rest in peace.

I feel such sadness. She was a symbol of hope and freedom and kept the spirits going. Her songs and her smile shall never be forgotten.

Vera Lynn is forever our nations sweetheart, the light in darkness and played her part in the war. She deserves a statue.

From wonderful music to wonderful kindness did she inspire this nation and keep the morale up.

She was weaved into the tapestry of this nation and into our hearts with beautiful motivating and beautiful songs which still get played and enjoyed even till this day.

It is like the last of old England has gone and today the nation mourns its sweetheart.

Great songs such as we’ll meet again, Berkeley Square, And bluebirds over the White cliffs of Dover have kept us connected to freedom and romance.

Looking back her songs make the wartime a romantic time when love was in jeopardy she kept the light of love and romance burning.

Thankyou so much Vera for everything you did and the wonderful songs you sung and you are our sweetheart forever.

Goodbye our sweetheart – we’ll meet again…

Dame Vera Lynn may you rest in peace…

Thunder and Lightning…

The flashing light within the night
The rumble of thunder close by, The sound of the rain heavy against the window

How I love thunder and lightning, so exciting and so spooky. The best time to experience thunder is in bed. When nature roars but we are safe and snug away from it all.

It was always my most favourite weather, when the sky is angry, when the weather rages and sends the torrents against mankind

The sky lights up from a lightning bolt
Rain falls like a waterfall. Nature shows its strength to humanity.

The sky roars loud
The road has become like a river. No man can cut through a storm safe despite his technologies. Mother nature is stronger than us all.

I was once out in a great storm and I seen a lightning bolt hit the floor close by. It was a dangerous, scary and exciting moment as I got drenched in the rain heading to my car.

It is a reminder to this supreme mindset mankind has which is just a myth that nature is king.

As a child my eyes was fascinated by lightning as it comes closer, the flash of lightning and the wait for the thunder roar. The sounds of rain on the roof and the floods building close by. This excited me alot.

Nature sends its powerful electric display and loud roaring voice, nature batters at our world well. When the storm comes the people hide.

Next time the storm rages I shall watch in wonder and enjoy natures display of strength….nature is beautiful

The childhood regret…

Once there was a little girl who lived down the street,

and upon a summers evening when I was aged seven she sat on her bike on my drive wearing a yellow tshirt, denim dungarees and trainers on her feet,

a little cute thing and really sweet

Upon this moment I said something wrong, and I remember it and look back with regret
I said a word of which in childhood it should never belong

Upon that evening I innocently called you brown, and upon this moment my mum stepped forward and shouted me down

I didnt mean what I said, It was a silly remark of a young boy and I remember your sad face within that moment in my head

You probably dont remember this moment all them years ago, the years passed by too quickly and places and people did we outgrow, But I am sorry I want you to know

As children we was friends, and within childhood memories this never ends, and I write this poem to make amends,

For a little girl I once knew who used to make me smile, who over the years would come and chat for a while

A little girl who once existed with black frizzy hair and always was kind, and in childhood this can be hard to find

You are one of the names of a yesteryear, and when I return home all the kids are gone who once played here.

From childhood we are now gone and from these streets we no longer play, and you have all grown up into the woman that you are today

But within the shadows of time I shall always have a memory, of a girl who existed in my very own history, I shall always remember the little girl,

I shall always remember –  Tilly